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At this church they worked in the phases of great finesse, such as painting and sculpture, artists specializing in the talent, passion and quality of which they proved. The painter Florin Stan and the sculptor Gheorghe Tarasenco worked on the painting ...

Florentin-Gabriel Stan painting

I started my apprenticeship on the church painting sites of the Serbian painter Gioca-Miroslav Rascov, whose approach to the Byzantine painting approach I consider to have inherited it. I believe that copying endlessly, from generation to generation, the same elements of a traditional style of religious painting does not represent a preservation of it, but a limitation of the force of expression that church painting should have. This is why my model was Rascov's painter, from whom I learned that the exit in the perimeter of the "templates" of Byzantine plastic brings a special aura to the painted characters. studied that creates the emotion of the one contemplating a large painting, such as the mural. I tried to place the archaic features of the saints, worn by the ancient painters in a modern plastic landscape. I was inspired in my work on the field of mural painting by the cerebral way of approaching it by the painter Nicolae Tonitza, who, absurdly and surprisingly, is known only as a easel painter.

I am a good connoisseur of old working techniques. I am referring to colors, binders, substances and chemical compounds that are rarely used today to restore heritage objects. Starting with 2001 I run a decorative glass workshop, the pieces executed by me being worked by the methods of chemical attack used by Galle in sec. 19th century. I participated in group exhibitions, my pieces being sold exclusively abroad (Japan, Italy, France, USA).

Gheorghe Tarascenco sculpture

Born 26.2.1947 in the city of Galati, the graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu from Bucharest promoted the 1976 sculpture section. Member of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania. Awards 1.UAP scholarship for sculpture 1977 2. "Constantin Popovici" prize Birlad 2007 works at symposiums in the country: Memories of the shore sculpture is at ARCUS Sunrise - Magura Buzaului Stol - Magura Buzaului Freedom - Galati City gate Galati Porumbel - Galati Cocos of mountain - Salistea Sibiului.

Author of numerous works in the collections of unroe museums and state institutions and private collections. Within the Col Column of Galati which he has as an associate Mr. Pavel Aurel born on 12.06.1953 in the city of Otopeni, he has performed stone restoration works in churches under the aegis of the ministry of culture and cults such as: St. Precise Church Galati Sf .British Church Bordesti Vrancea Sf. Church Plataresti Ilfov Monastery Sf. Church Monastery of a wood Vilcea Sf. Church Surpatele Vilcea Monastery Sf. Church Bistrita Monastery Sf. Donie Focsani Sf. Ilfov and as the last work he executed at the Church of a stone with the dedication of entering the Lord in Jerusalem from the top village, the commune Naieni-Buzau unique in the world by the way they were realized: catapeteasma (carpenter); coffee; window frames; the floor; pews; the bell being executed with the naieni stone (travertine).

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