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Founder of the "Church from a stone" with the three dedications: The entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem, Judas Thaddeus, Saint Mina,

Florin Jean Utica

wanted to raise this holy place of prayer and meditation, for the stone-makers of Naeni and for the joy and soul cleanliness of his family, from nation to nation, to the glory of God.

Florin Jean Utica
was born in Bucharest on 12.08.1952, in a family of Orthodox intellectuals; he attended the courses of the sports school and then chose the profession of economist. He studied the piano in particular for 25 years, leaning towards the musical culture and the study of foreign languages: Romanian, Italian, French, English and German.

He married Cornelia (high school classmates) in 1974 and God blessed them with a boy, born on 02.01.1974.

During the communist period he left Romania in 1984 and lived for a period in Italy, after which he moved permanently to Germany.

CSome of the significant moments of his reign are told with emotion and modesty: “I am a person who does not like advertising. Therefore, I believe that the data below may be sufficient. At first I lived in the town of Weil am Rhein at the foot of the Black Forest mountains, about 120 km from the place where the Danube (Donaueschingen) springs.

In 1988 my company was founded, occupying me according to the preparation with the international trade. After the 1989 revolution, we represented in Romania several internationally renowned companies, such as: Philips, Renault, Henkel, Beräntzen. Since 1998 I have moved to Munich Bavaria, where I still live.

I have invested heavily in Romania and as reference projects I can list: Europe Complex (Colentina), Protguard Protection and Protection Society. I have invested in the extractive industry such as Maracineni-Buzau Ballast and in the stone quarry at Naeni, Virf village, where I own several properties. ”

On the occasion of the investment from Naeni, the project of founding "Church from a stone" transposed in life. The construction lasted 10 years. The discussion about the church makes Mr. Florin Utica tell with pride and with great love: "I tried to build a unique church in the world, from a single stone, namely from Mount Gorgan, where I also have a stone quarry.

At this church they worked in the stages of great finesse, such as painting and sculpture, artists especially for the talent, passion and quality that they proved. The painter Florin Stan and the sculptor Gheorghe Tarasenco worked on the painting ”.

In the final part of the construction of the holy church that a divine reward came into this world on January 02, 2008 (the will of the good God made her to be born on the same day and month as my son) Ariana -Iris my nephew, who I hope will remembers her grandfather visiting and still helping the holy church when I will be called to complete the number of entitlements.

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